Using Your TELL Kentucky Data


Local School Board Leaders

Please download the two documents below developed by NTC and the Kentucky School Boards Association (KSBA).

District Leaders

Please download NTC’s Understanding and Improving Teaching Conditions: An Activity Guide for School District Leaders and Understanding and Improving Teaching Conditions: KEA Guide to Using Your District TELL Kentucky Results

School Leaders

Listed below are the documents for the TELL KY Survey Data Analysis School-Based Decision Making Council (SBDM) Training.

  1. SBDM Facilitator's Guide pdf
  2. SBDM Training Guide pdf
  3. SBDM TELL Training Presentation pdf

Please download the TELL Kentucky 2011 Data Use Guide. pdf

Not only will the data from the TELL Kentucky survey benefit state and district policymakers, but the survey results will be available for every school that reaches a minimum of fifty percent response rate (and at least five respondents).

For the schools in Kentucky that have reached this minimum response threshold, the TELL Kentucky 2011 School Improvement Guide is  intended to assist school councils in using their own TELL Survey data, along with data points, in determining action steps to follow towards improving teaching conditions over the next year. Ideally, it should be used in a full day workshop setting to begin the process of planning. TELL Kentucky 2011 School Improvement Guide consists of the following sections, each of which can be accessed independently below:

  1. School Improvement Guide Introduction pdf
  2. Facilitator's Guide
  3. Facilitator's Guide Agenda
  4. Facilitator's Presentation
  5. Facilitator's Addendum
  6. Participant's Packet
  7. Construct Indicator Worksheets
  8. Individual Item Prompts


Download the brochure to get involved. TELL Kentucky Survey: A Parent Guide to School Improvement

About TELL Kentucky

The Teaching, Empowering, Leading and Learning (TELL) Kentucky Survey is an online, anonymous survey of all licensed public school educators in Kentucky’s public schools, designed to garner Kentucky's public school educators’ perception of their school environments. TELL Kentucky was administered March 1-25, 2011.  This was the first statewide opportunity in Kentucky for all educators to provide input on teaching conditions.

The purpose of the survey is to support sound educational policies and practices based on the views of teachers, principals and other certificated educators in our public schools. The respondents were asked for their perceptions on a variety of issues related to student achievement and teacher retention, including the adequacy of facilities and resources, time, empowerment, school leadership, community support, student conduct, professional development, mentoring and induction services, and student learning.

Over eighty percent (more than 42,000) of Kentucky's educators completed the voluntary survey, providing valuable data for school, district, and state policymakers-based on input from those which research has shown to be the most valuable in improving student achievement- practicing educators in our schools. School-level data results are now available for schools that reached the minimum response rate threshold of at least fifty percent in order to have their own data available. This unique data set will be a tremendous asset as school leaders plan for improvement over the next two years.

A coalition of partners was convened in the summer of 2010 to design TELL Kentucky, which captures the perceptions of all school-based licensed educators about learning conditions through an anonymous process. By documenting and analyzing how educators view critical teaching and learning conditions, this initiative focuses on providing each Kentucky school with its own data that can become a part of the on-going improvement planning processes.